Frederik Roijé is a inter-

national design agency which designs diverse products for brands and for market as for private clients. The office is renowned for its creativity and innovative designs. Our approach to reach a new level in product or space. Furniture, lightning, interior and industrial design are part and parcel of the services provided.

We welcome co-operative ventures with partners who are willing to cross borders and distinguish themselves by exclusive and inno-

vative design. For more information about working together please contact the office. >COLLECTION

Besides working for clients we create our own collec-

tion furniture designs which we sell and distribute worldwide under the name Frederik Roijé. The collection exist out of furniture, lightning and accessories.

The collection is successful and growing. Always willing to extend we are con-

stantly developing new products and contacts that will increase our success and sales.

If you have an interest in selling our products or you are interested in the way we do business and would like to co-operate in this process, please contact us. We are curious and would love to acquaint ourselves with you and your company.